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UberHair Released

UberHair pp01 med.jpg

DAZStudio Advanced powered by omnifreaker

The new version of DAZStudio is powered by omnifreaker shaders and tools. The following products are available exclusively in DAZStudio Advanced:

DAZStudio 3 Product Updates

DAZStudio 3 is currently in public beta and provides many exciting new features and updates. Due to the fact that DS3 uses a new version of 3Delight (8.5) as well as a new scripting engine, I will be providing DS3 specific updates to ALL of my products. Details will be coming shortly.


  • Daz3d Webinar Tues Nov 18. More info in the Tutorials section.

UberLightingBundle Released

Get all the powerful Uber lighting tools in a discounted bundle.

Skymap Generator Released

Skymap HDR Generator for DAZStudio.

RenderThrottle Released

RenderThrottle render optimization preset manager add-on for Daz Studio.

omAreaLight Released

Area Lights now available for DAZStudio with omAreaLight!

UberEnvironment and UberEnvironmentHdriPack1 Released

Expand the your IBL possibilities with the UberEnvironmentHdriPack1.

Check out the new UberEnvironment light shader for creating stunning Environment Mapped and Ambient Occlusion lighting effects.