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RenderThrottleIray is a render optimization preset manager add-on for Iray in DAZ Studio. RenderThrottleIray lets you quickly switch between responsive interactive viewport renders, and final quality offline rendering with a single click.

User Guide

Installing Actions

After running the Daz installer, you should have a Scripts/RenderThrottleIray folder in your Content Manager:


You can use the presets here, but installing Custom Actions allows you to have easy access to RenderThrottle.

  1. Double-click !RenderThrottleIray Install Actions Script
  2. You will see new icons in the Render menu and Main ToolBar.




There are two types of RenderThrottle Presets; Interactive and Render - Interactive Presets will start Iray in the active Viewport - Render Presets will stop Iray in the active viewport (if running) and launch a Render.

When applying a RenderThrottle Preset, 3 things happen:

  1. A corresponding RenderThrottle file is loaded which updates various DrawSettings
  2. A corresponding RenderSettings Preset is loaded (These presets are found in Scripts/RenderThrottleIray/Render Presets)
  3. The Interactive or offline render is started
Interactive Lo
Most responsive Viewport rendering.
Interactive Hi
Hi quality Viewport rendering.
Render Lo
Lo quality render (close to DS defaults).
Render Hi
Final quality renders.