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Free Downloads! This includes scripts/presets/shaders/whatever.

All downloads can be used 'as-is' and are not supported in any way nor am I responsible for any harm done to you or your computer by using them.

RenderThrottle Reset (alternate)

An alternative "RenderThrottle Reset" preset that only stops the render--no RenderSettings or DrawSettings preset applied. See the RenderThrottleIray page for details.

Incantoo Warrior Base Textures

Incantoo warrior product barbarian.jpg

If you are looking at the IncantooWarrior and thinking that his pants are not quite your style, or maybe you just want something a little more generic, try these 'no pants' or 'barbarian' textures for FREE. The download includes:

  • 3 4K textures (Base Color/Roughness/Normal)
  • Material preset to load the textures

Let me know what you think! (42MB)

Stinson Beach HDRI


Pixar is nice enough to share some gorgeous HDRI of Stinson Beach they captured for use in the beautiful short Piper. The original files were posted in PRMan's tex format. I am re-posting here in the more generic HDR (Radiance) format for use in iRay, 3Delight, whatever under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. 19 32 bit 2048 x 1024 HDR files taken over the course of a day.

An iRay render using Env_StinsonBeach_1744PM_2k.21.hdr:

Stinson beach 1744 01.png

Original post here:

Media:Stinson Beach

Media:Stinson Beach


OmNodeTools.jpg (15 Kb)
The DS3 compatible version of the OmNodeTools. (8.28 Kb)
A small collection of 3 DAZStudio scripts for doing Copy, Snap, and Distance measurements between multiple nodes.


OmHDRConverterIcon.jpg (32 Kb)
omHdrConverter script for converting hdr files to a specific tif format friendly to 3Delight.

Alert.png If you are using DAZ Studio 3, you can find this script under DAZ Built-in Content->UberEnvironment2->HDRConverter