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Daz Studio 4.9+
Daz Studio 4.9+
= Attribution =
I used some of the scripting examples as a launch point:
[ action_custom_create]
[ active_viewport_drawstyle]

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Stop Wasting Time--Start Rendering With RenderThrottle for Iray!

RenderThrottleIray is a render optimization preset manager add-on for Iray in DAZ Studio.

RenderThrottle provides a new preset type, one for DrawSettings, then allows you to apply a DrawSettings Preset, a RenderSettings Preset, and switch Draw Style with a single click!

RenderThrottleIray introduces an exciting new workflow by allowing you to quickly switch between responsive interactive viewport renders, and final quality offline rendering with a single click. Interactive Lo; and Interactive Med Presets start an Interactive Viewport render with low Max Samples; which will keep you from killing your computer while getting interactive feedback from Iray. The Render Hi preset will give you a beautiful high quality render (but you will have to wait).

With RenderThrottle, you can use optimized Iray Draw Settings for quick feedback while editing materials, cameras or lights and then with a single click, kick off a final quality render.

Stop wasting time--Get the most out of Iray, and start rendering with RenderThrottle for Iray!

User Guide

Installing Actions

After running the Daz installer, you should have a Scripts/RenderThrottleIray folder in your Content Manager:


You can use the presets here, but installing Custom Actions allows you to have easy access to RenderThrottle.

  1. Double-click !RenderThrottleIray Install Actions Script
  2. You will see new icons in the Render menu and Main ToolBar.




There are two types of RenderThrottle Presets; Interactive and Render

  • Interactive Presets will start Iray in the active Viewport
  • Render Presets will stop Iray in the active viewport (if running) and launch a Render.

When applying a RenderThrottle Preset, 3 things happen:

  1. A corresponding RenderThrottle file is loaded which updates various DrawSettings
  2. A corresponding RenderSettings Preset is loaded (These presets are found in Scripts/RenderThrottleIray/Render Presets)
  3. The Interactive or offline render is started
Interactive Lo
Most responsive Viewport rendering (low Max Samples; Interactive Mode).
Interactive Lo
Medium quality Viewport rendering.
Interactive Hi
Hi quality Viewport rendering.
Render Lo
Lo quality render.
Render Med
Medium quality render (close to DS defaults).
Render Hi
Final quality renders.
Restore default Render Settings; cancel any interactive render.

Preset Details

So what exactly is RenderThrottle changing?

Preset Draw Settings Render Settings
Draw Mode Manipulation Resolution Max Ray Bounces Max Reflection Bounces Max Refraction Bounces Path Space Filtering Max Samples Max Time Rendering Converged Ratio Max Path Length
Interactive Lo Interactive 1/8 1 1 1 on 16 7200 .80 2
Interactive Med Photoreal 1/4 4 2 2 off 64 7200 .90 10
Interactive Hi Photoreal 1/2 16 8 8 off 5000 7200 .95 -1
Render Lo 1000 300 .80 2
Render Med 5000 7200 .95 10
Render Hi 15000 28800 .98 -1

Technical Notes

  • In order for the Interactive Presets to work, Daz Studio requires that the DrawSettings pane be visible. If it is not part of your favorite layout, you may want to include DrawSettings so the Pane does not pop-up when using the presets.
  • When using the Reset preset during an active render, the application may take a minute to cancel the render (This is also the case when done without RenderThrottle).
  • Don't use all the actions or what to move them? Use F3 to customize.

Supported Versions

Daz Studio 4.9+


I used some of the scripting examples as a launch point:

action_custom_create active_viewport_drawstyle