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The daz3d product page


UberPoint light shader and textures for allowing powerful and flexible lighting control in DAZ|Studio

Product Description

UberPoint is a 3Delight light shader, texture maps, and custom interface allowing powerful and flexible lighting control in DAZ|Studio. The new point light allows for high-end controls, allowing the user to place light where it is desired with the use of enhanced falloff controls, raytraced soft shadows, and light gells (gobos).


UberPointPP 02hi.jpg
  • Enhanced falloff controls
    • Falloff Active
    • Falloff Start
    • Falloff End
    • Falloff Decay
  • Texture support allows for light gell/gobo/slide projector effects.
  • Shadow Controls (Raytraced soft shadow support)
    • Shadow Type
    • Shadow Color
    • Shadow Intensity
    • samples
    • Shadow Softness
    • Shadow Bias
  • Included 4 Texture maps
    • discoBall.jpg
    • lavaLampBlue.jpg
    • misty.jpg
    • torch.jpg