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Uslp1 banner.jpg

UberSoftLightPack1 is a collection of light rigs that extend the UberSoftLightKit.

The pack includes the following presets/rigs:

  • Back Light
  • Graphic
  • Moon Light
  • Rim Light
  • Soft Box X1
  • Soft Box X2
  • Theater Lights
  • Warm

And includes a bonus light rig for Stonemason's Arc

User Guide

Uslp1 backlight ui.jpg

All light rigs in the pack include a parent Null Node with all the lights parented underneath. This allows you to easily rotate/move the rig as a whole.

  • Alert.png The Back Light preset includes a camera (RenderCam). There is an UberSoftDistantLight parented to this camera which allows it to always be a backlight.
  • As the UberSoft lights are diffuse only, many of the rigs include spec only Distant Lights for that extra kick.